Outcomes and Framework

The Monthly Meetings are the Gatherings and the Foundation to Build Strong Bonds
  • Fun two hour gatherings every second Saturday of the month, 12 meetings each year.
  • Mentorship program connecting Resident physicians members with middle school age members. (Longitudinal, in addition to core meetings)
  • CPR and BLS hands on training
  • Age appropriate, First responder training, including AEDs
  • How to take a Blood Pressure training and practice
  • Ready, Set, Fit health and wellness training in the core meetings
  • Longitudinal Vocabulary enrichment training in the core meeting
  • Character and Leadership training integrated into the framework of medical career development, concentrated leadership training for high schoolers  (Longitudinal, in addition to core meetings)
  • College Application preparation program, (Longitudinal, in addition to core meetings)

Concurrent Longitudinal Reinforcing Programs within the Ladder

1. Mentorship program

Perhaps the most vulnerable time in the educational life of a school age child’s success is in the middle school years. The peak time for suspensions occur in the grades six through eight and 24% of all Black U.S. born students in North Minneapolis had been suspended from school at least once, in 2009. In addition to the cascading mentorship from one member to another integrated into the structure of the Ladder, The Ladder will facilitate linkages for individual mentorship for middle school aged members.

2. The Leadership Curriculum

Character and Leadership training is integrated into the framework of medical career development, and in addition there will be concentrated leadership training for high schoolers as they will be the core of the decision making leadership for the direction of the club. They will be supported in their responsibility to set agendas for meetings and and development of the annual community service project. The high schoolers will be provided individual coaching by the resident physicians who will advise, not devise on strategies and logistics for the Ladder.

3. The Ladder in Schools

Our older Ladder members with the support and participation of the school age members, will present at least 20 in school presentations of health and wellness (Ready, Set, Fit and Tar Wars) by the post high school members of the Ladder. The College Students, Medical Students, and Resident physicians and interns Ladder members, will be visible models within the Public schools for the younger members of the Ladder by presenting multiple health and wellness programs within the Public Schools of North Minneapolis. The American Academy of Family Medicine has two very well structured curriculum for healthy behaviors that will be used as the structure for these presentations, e.g. “Ready, Set, Fit” and “Tar Wars”. We hope that this will further build linkage with the members of the Ladder and the Community and strengthen the bonds of the members of the Ladder with each other.

4. College Application Preparation program

During the course of the school year High Schoolers will be helped in their development and submission of college applications by the older members. They will learn how to establish a timeline for submission of applications, ask for letters of recommendation, prepare personal essays and we would eventually want to have integrated SAT prep as a part of the Ladder’s mission.

The Meeting Timeline of “The Ladder”

Start time 12:30 Second Saturday each month

Build the Ladder

Welcome Large Group Check in, review last meeting and review today’s agenda 10 minutes, Post Quote of the Day. Then”Build the Ladder” and count off

Eating groups

Grab some food and break into small “eating groups” (inter-generational) for check in and Character appreciation (Introduce self and discuss referenced quote, e.g. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”…) 25 minutes

Resident Physicians

Fun, Hands on Activity Learning prepared by Resident Physicians (e.g. CPR, BLS training or “this week casting and splinting, wear shorts!”) 45-60 minutes

Announce activities

Announce activities for next meeting and sign off with The Pledge. 5 minutes

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990 available upon request

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